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Our Human Machine Interface portfolio includes:

The advanced iXP2 and iXP series touch panels ranging from 8.2″ to 15″
The advanced iXP2 handheld series with 7″ dispaly and multiple programmable buttons.
The economical eXP series touch panels ranging from 4.3″ to 10.2″
Info U which is a PC based SCADA software solution running on Windows and communicating to PLCs, VSDs etc.

  • Effective Control and Monitoring with the Cost-Efficient eXP series HMIs!
    • Simple Design
    • 4.3", 5.7", 7" and 10.2" wide-screen sizes TFT color LCD
    • Wide variety of communication interfaces
      • 2~3-channel serial communication
      • Ethernet
    • Large memory for drawing (64MB)
    • RTC function (maintained by battery)
    • Convenient downloading/uploading of drawings via USB port in the front
    • Logging, Alarm, Email, etc. functions
    • EX and IP65 Certification for  7" and 10" units
  • Convenient control with a single touch! A user-oriented interface, enhanced performance, and soft and quick screen switching and respond speed to touch!
    • Alarming
    • Logging
    • E-mail
    • View PDF
    • Scheduler
    • Script
    • Recipe
  • Convenient control with a single or multi touch! A user-oriented interface, ultra performance, and soft and quick screen swipe and respond speed to touch!
    • Screen sizes of 8.4", 10.4", 12.1" and 15"
    • IP66 Certification with enhanced waterproofing and protection against dust
    • Slim and durable design with aluminium frame and a reinforced glass
    • Dual Monitor function clone/extended mode
    • Multi-touch setting to prevent malfunction
    • Various external interfaces to provide IoT solutions
    • Ethernet 2ch., HDMI/Audio output, USB host/device, multimedia (video)
    • Depending on touch sensitivity, you can set it up with bare hands or gloves
    • Dual-Core CPU offers high-speed communication and processing
    • High luminance/resolution LCD with an LED backlight
    • 16.7M Colours
    • Direct replacement for older generation iXP HMI
    • Same XP-Builder Development SW across all HMIs
  • Convenient control with a 7" Handheld Touch Screen HMI with programmable function buttons!
    • 3-way Mode Selection Switch
    • Direction (cursor) Control Button
    • 3 Programmable buttons on the left
    • 6 Programmable + and - buttons on the right
      • Could be used for Robot axis control
    • E-Stop Button
    • 7" Resistive TFT LCD Screen
    • 16.7M Colours
    • Buzzer
    • Recipe Data
    • Data Logging, Alarm
    • USB Host port
    • Ethernet I/F
    • RS-232 or RS485 I/F
    • 5 or 10 meter extension cable with Junction box
    • Hand grip strap and enable Switch on the left
    • Same XP-Builder SW as for eXP, iXP2 & iXP HMIs
  • XGT Infou is an User friendly open-source HMI O/S featuring many innovative aspects such as standard state of art Graphic tech , expandable and compatible Interfaces with the fast-netwroking connectivity to variety of industrial devices at easy.
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