XEC-Ultra Performance

XEC-Ultra Performance

XEC U sets new standards in Ultimate performance with its many innovations
IoT (Internet of Things) making the smart factory a reality

  • Web Server build-in
  • Email (SMTP) build-in
  • FTP Link build-in
  • Data Log build-in
  • SD Card slot
  • RTC build-in
  • Supply Voltage 100-220V AC or 24V DC
  • Maximum 352 I/O points
  • Maximum 2 High speed backplane expansion modules
  • Maximum 10 expansion modules
  • 60ns/step processing speed
  • Memory 32K steps / 384KB
  • Communication Ethernet (dual port), RS485 and RS232C build-in
  • Expansion I/O module DC24 input, Transistor (PNP & NPN) output, Relay output,
  • Special expansion I/O module Load Cell input, RTD input, TC input, Analog (Voltage/Current) input & output, Temperature Controller (RTD & TC), High-speed counter, Positioning (Line drive 2 axes, EtherCAT network 8 axes)
  • Communication I/O expansion modules RS485, RS232C, Ethernet, CANopen (Master/Slave), Profibus-DP (Master/Slave), DeviceNet (Slave), EtherNet/IP, RAPIEnet

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