S100 – Standard

>>>S100 – Standard

S100 – Standard

S100 High Performance Standard Drive

  • Input 1 phase and 3 phase, Output 3 phase
  • 4kW ~ 2.2kW 1ph @ 200~240V AC
  • 4kW ~ 75kW 3ph @ 380~480V AC
  • IP66 enclosure – 0.4kW ~ 22kW 3ph @ 380~480V AC
  • External Keypad for Panel Door mounting. 3-line display
  • Communication RS485
  • Communication I/O option module Ethernet-IP, Modbus-TCP, CANopen & Profibus-DP
  • Extension I/O Digital Input, Relay Output & Analog Input/Output
  • Powerful features
    • Flying Start
    • Auto Tuning
    • Safe Torque Boost
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Powerful sensorless control

  • Starting torque of 200%/0.5Hz is produced and provides robust power in the low speed region.

Selectable rotary/standstill aut-tuning

  • Standstill auto-tuning is equipped to find motor constant without rotation under conditions where the system is installed or motor cannot rotate.

Flying start function

  • Inverter capable fo quick reliable smooth restarts into bi-directional rotating loads.

Side by Side installation

  • Minimized distance between products enables control panel size reduction when installing multiple AC Drive.

Smaller Size

  • Main parts are optimally arranged inside through the use of thermal radiation analysis and 3-dimensional design to reduce the dimensions by up to 60%(volume based) compared to the previous product(iG5A)

Built-in DC reactor

  • Effective in improving power factor and decreasing THD.
    ※ 3-phase 400V 30~75kW

Built-in EMC filter

  • Meets the electrical noise reduction regulation.
    Related standards : 2nd Environment / Category C3
    (Class A) CE standard is certified
    ※ C2 : 1-phase 200V 0.4~2.2kW
    ※ C3 : 3-phase 400V 0.4~75kW
    Global compliance (UL, CE)
    Global standard compliance
    ※ UL, CE, Gost, C-tick and cUL

Dual rating operation

  • It is designed to choose between heavy and normal duty operation.

Overload capacity

※ Heavy duty operation :
150% of rated current, 60 seconds
※ Normal duty operation :
120% of rated current, 60 seconds

Various field networks

  • Able to deal with a variety of field networks Easy maintenance and mounting.

Various field bus options

  • Profibus, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, CANopen Easy to install and use

Smart copier

  • Smart copier allows users to download & upload the parameters from/to S100 without AC input power.
  • Customized main firmware is able to be downloaded to S100 using Smart copier.
  • Firmware of main control and I/O saved in Smart copier can be downloaded to S100



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