S100 – Standard

S100 – Standard

S100 High Performance Standard Drive

  • Input 1 phase and 3 phase, Output 3 phase
  • 0.4kW ~ 2.2kW 1ph @ 200~240V AC
  • 0.4kW ~ 75kW 3ph @ 380~480V AC
  • IP66 enclosure – 0.4kW ~ 22kW 3ph @ 380~480V AC
  • External Keypad for Panel Door mounting. 3-line display
  • Communication RS485
  • Communication I/O option module Ethernet-IP, Modbus-TCP, CANopen & Profibus-DP
  • Extension I/O Digital Input, Relay Output & Analog Input/Output
  • Powerful features
    • Flying Start
    • Auto Tuning
    • Safe Torque Boost


Frame Design


Strong Performance

Powerful sensorless control
Starting torque of 200%/0.5Hz is produced and provides robust power in the low
speed region.Powerful sensorless control
Standstill auto-tuning is equipped to find motor constant without rotation under
conditions where the system is installed or motor cannot rotate.> 100~240V in one
coil(up to 220kW,400A)Powerful sensorless control
Inverter capable fo quick reliable smooth restarts into bi-directional rotating loads.

Space efficient Design

Side by Side installation

Minimized distance between products enables control panel size reduction when installing multiple AC Drive.
Smaller Size
Main parts are optimally arranged inside through the use of thermal radiation analysis and 3-dimensional design to reduce the dimensions by up to 60%(volume based) compared to the previous product(iG5A)

Standard Compliance

Built-in DC reactor
– Effective in improving power factor and decreasing THD.
※ 3-phase 400V 30~75kWBuilt-in EMC filter
– Meets the electrical noise reduction regulation.
Related standards : 2nd Environment / Category C3
(Class A) CE standard is certified
※ C2 : 1-phase 200V 0.4~2.2kW
※ C3 : 3-phase 400V 0.4~75kWGlobal compliance (UL, CE)
– Global standard compliance
※ UL, CE, Gost, C-tick and cULDual rating operation
– It is designed to choose between heavy and normal duty operation.Overload capacity
※ Heavy duty operation :
150% of rated current, 60 seconds
※ Normal duty operation :
120% of rated current, 60 secondsVarious field networks
– Able to deal with a variety of field networks Easy maintenance and mounting.Various field bus options
– Profibus, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, CANopen Easy to install and use

Safety Function

Built-in Safety Torque Off(STO)

The Safety input function meets EN ISO 13849-1 PLd and EN 61508 SIL2 (En 60204-1, stop category 0). This feature is equipped and enables you to meet current safety standards.

Suitable for Users

Simple cooling fan replacement

Smart copier

Replaceable fan without complete disassembly. 1. Smart copier allows users to download & upload the parameters from/to S100 without AC input power.
2. Customized main firmware is able to be downloaded to S100 using Smart copier.
3. Firmware of main control and I/O saved in Smart copier can be downloaded to S100
Multi-keypad function Conduit option
– Single LCD keypad can be used to set up the parameters of a RS485 connected drives.
– LCD keypad (same as iS7 model) is used to easily set up the parameters. Parameters can be copied to other
– Multi language support will be available.
– S100 meets UL type 1 with this option.
Flange option
S100 allows its heatsink to be installed outside of panel for better cooling system with this option.




DriveView7 Software (39.7MB)DriveView7 Software (39.7MB)

S100 Catalogue (12.1MB)S100 Catalogue (12.1MB)

S100 (0.4kW-22kW) Basic Manual (8.7MB)S100 (0.4kW-22kW) Basic Manual (8.7MB)

S100 (30kW-75kW) Basic Manual (10.4MB)S100 (30kW-75kW) Basic Manual (10.4MB)

S100 (IP66 frame) Basic Manual (9.6MB)S100 (IP66 frame) Basic Manual (9.6MB)

S100 User Manual (22.5MB)S100 User Manual (22.5MB)


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