iS7 – High Performance

iS7 – High Performance

iS7 High Torque Performance and Precise Control Drive

  • Sensor Vector Control for precise speed & torque
  • PLC extension with I/O & RTC
  • Input 3 phase, output 3 phase
  • 0.75kW ~ 375kW @ 380~480V AC
  • Large Multifunction Keypad
  • Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Communication I/O option module Ethernet-IP, Modbus-TCP, CANopen & Profibus-DP, Profi-Net, DeviceNet, LonWorks, RAPIEnet, R-Net / F-Net, CC-link
  • Extension I/O Digital Input, Analog Input, PLC with Digit Input & Relay Output
  • Extension Cards Encoder, Position Control, Synchronization, Safety and Auxiliary Power
  • Powerful features
    • Flying Start
    • Ride-trough (LV trip delay) for unexpected power loss
    • Kinetic Energy Buffering (KEB) for a stable system stop in case of power-loss/failure
    • Auto Tuning
    • Automatic Torque Balance Droop Control
    • Safe Torque Boost
    • Power & Flux Braking for maximum deceleration


  • Control mode: V/F, V/F PG, Sensorless Vector, Vector
  • Speed Control Range 1:100(Sensorless Vector), 1:1000(Vector)
  • LV Trip Delay Function, Cooling Fan Control
  • Droop control, KEB Function, Flying Start, Flux Brake
  • PMSM Control
  • Built-in RS485 & Modbus Communication
  • Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, LonWorks, Rnet, Modbus TCP Option
  • Max. Input 11 Points, Output 6 Points when use expended I/O Card
  • PLC Card option: Master-K platform Normal Input 14 Points, Normal Output 7 points
  • Encoder Card option
  • Optional IP54 Enclosure (~ 22kW)
  • Built-in EMC filter to protect from excessive electronic distortion
  • DC reactor built-in for harmonic reduction and power factor improvement
  • Widened graphic LCD keypad
  • Multi-language support (5 languages)
  • User & macro group support



DriveView7 Software (39.7MB)DriveView7 Software (39.7MB)

iS7 Catalogue (18.3MB)iS7 Catalogue (18.3MB)

iS7 Basic Manual (27.3MB)iS7 Basic Manual (27.3MB)

iS7 Manual (41.2MB)iS7 Manual (41.2MB)

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