H100 – HVAC Fan & Pump

H100 – HVAC Fan & Pump

HVAC, Pump and Irrigation systems benefit from outstanding energy-saving characteristics of the H100.

  • Input 3 phase, output 3 phase
  • 0.75kW ~ 500kW @ 380~480V AC Mains
  • 0.75kW ~ 500kW @ Solar 450~790V DC PV
  • Standalone, Changeover or Hybrid Modes
  • Large Keypad with exclusive for Pump and Fan with 3 line display.
  • Wireless Radio Communication via RS485 Modbus RTU
  • Communication RS485, BACnet MS/TP & Modbus-RTU, Metasys N2 build-in
  • Communication I/O option module LonWorks
  • Flange mountable for fans outside of enclosure
  • Powerful features
    • Solar 6x Delay Adjustable Voltage Retries
    • Solar Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
    • Soft Fill Operation
    • Start Ramp & End Ramp
    • Deceleration Ramp
    • Flow compensation
    • Multi Motor Control
    • Event Scheduling (RTC) with Sleep and WakeUp
    • Flow Control
    • Pump Clean
    • Auxiliary Motor PID compensation
    • Load Tuning
    • Fire mode
    • Power-on Resume
    • Sleep, Sleep Boost, Wake-up
    • Auto Torque Boost
    • Lubrication Control
    • Damper Control
    • Level Detection
    • Hysteresis Tank Level control
    • Submerged Level Protection for Submersibles
    • Pipe Break Detection
    • Under Load Protection
    • Pre-Heat
    • Kinetic Energy Buffering
    • Macro Setting


Communication Module

  • RS-485 Capability is built-in
  • Modbus-RTU, Metasys N2
  • BACnet MS/TP is embedded as standard
  • LonWorks option can be added

Easy to Change Cooling Fan

  • It is easy to change a cooling fan
  • without opening the cover of a drive

Keypad Exclusive for HVAC

  • Used to issue commands, configure drive parameters, and for monitoring drive status
  • HAND mode(Local, Control, Mode) or AUTO Mode (Remote Control Mode) can be selected.
  • HAND Mode : Used when selecting frequency or run/stop commands.
  • AUTO Mode : Drive operated using the keypad. multifunctional terminal block and communic
  • Fault Status Monitoring

Flange Type

  • If the space is too small, a heat sink can be installed outside the panel

DC Reactor

  • A built-in DC Reactor effective to improve power factor and reduce THD is installed.
  • DC Reactor built-in as standard for 400V 37-90kW

Builit-in EMC Filter

  • A built-in EMC fiter to respond to the specifications for noise reduction
  • 400V 0.75~30kW Built-in as default (C3)
  • 400V 37~55kW Built-in option can be selected (C3)
  • 75~90kW satisfies EMC specifications even without a filter.

Smart Copier

  • Power-free Operation
  • LED Feedback
  • Parameters Read/Write
  • Easy to Install

Side-by-Side Installation

  • The size of control board is significantly reduced when multiple drives are installed by minimizing distance between products installed.
  • Sibe-by-side installation is unavailable for 37~90kW.

LSLV-H100 drives are intelligent drives equipped with various protective and operation functions for continuously stable operation in response to external environmental changes.

Soft Fill Operation

  • Prevents pump damages caused by dramatic pressure changes during intial operation or pumps or inside pumps.

Start Ramp & End Ramp

  • Prevents pump damage by changing ramp using acceleration / deceleration time setting upon initial pump operation and stop

Dec Valve Ramp

  • Prevents pump and pipe damages caused by sudden pressure changes when pumps are stopped or a pump valve is closed, deceleration time can be set.

Multi Motor Control

  • MMC is used when a single drive is used to control multiple motors in pump systems. It can control 1 main motor and 5 auxiliary motors.

Scheduling (Time Event: Real Time Clock)

  • Prevents pump damages caused by dramatic pressure changes during intial operation or pumps or inside pumps.

Flow Compensation

  • Compensates for hydraulic loss that occurs when the length of pipes is long, adding compensation rate depending on the inverter output frequency.

Energy-saving Display (Payback Counter)

  • Commercial energy consumption is compared to the amount of enery used by the drive to calculate the amount of energy saved.

Power-on Resume

  • When the drive restarts after it was stopped due to power interruption upon communication control, ‘Power-on Resume’ is used to follow the previous control command.

Sleep, Sleep Boost, Wake-up

  • It is used to put the drive on standby and restarts it using amount of enery used by the drive to calculate the amount of energy saved.

Auto Torque Boost

  • The drive outputs voltage for the drive by controlling the level of boost to fit the load by itself.

Lubrication Control

  • When a control command is made in the Flow/Oiling Systems, lubrication signals are output for a certain period before the motors are started. Drive control is immediately started form the signal output point until the signals are turned off after the set time

Damper Control

  • When a Damper exists in the system configuration, the drive will command the Damper to open/close or receive feedback signals for protection.

Detection of Pipe Broken

  • Upon PID operation, pipe damages or leakage is detected to display a warning or a trip.

Level Detection

  • When the drive is operated under frequency that is beyond the set frequency and source (voltage, current, and etc.) values to be detected are above or below the user set values, it generates a trip or activates a relay for protective operation


  • Pre-heats motors by outputting direct current when the motors are at fixed time state in order to prevent condensation of the motors

Under Load Protection

  • When running pumps including No Flow and Dry Pumps under the set frequency. the drive issues warning function and when trip is generates, Free-Run, deceleration, or stop can be selected via parameters.

Macro Setting

  • If a particular application is selected, frequently used parameters and set values are changed and registered in a macro group

KEB, Kinetic Energy Buffering

  • Upon loss or momentary interruption of input power, if KEB is set, the drive maintains DC Link Voltage using regeneration energy of the motor is used during the interruption period.

Pump Clean

  • Upon pump operation, the efficiency of pumps may decline when foreign substances are stuck in an impeller. Pump Clean removes the foreign substances to extend the pump life and reduce any loss

Aux Motor PID Compensation

  • Pipe flow increases and conduit pressure decreases as the number of auxiliary motors increases. To compensate this, ‘Aux Motor PID Compensation’ is used to compensate pressure loss suitable for the given motor when operating auxliary motors.

Load Tuning

  • Establishes load (current & power) curves based on drive frequency so as to make load characteristics curve required for ‘Under Load’ and ‘Pump Clean.’

Fire Mode

  • When an emergency such as fire occurs at suction/ exhaust fans, but hardware did not fail nor had a critical defect, the drive is continuously operated to protect other systems under the set frequency and



DriveView7 Software (39.7MB)DriveView7 Software (39.7MB)

H100 Catalogue (12.8MB)H100 Catalogue (12.8MB)

H100 User Manual (18.8MB)H100 User Manual (18.8MB)


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