eXP – Economic (4.3″~10.2″)

>>>eXP – Economic (4.3″~10.2″)

eXP – Economic (4.3″~10.2″)

Effective Control and Monitoring with the Cost-Efficient eXP series HMIs!

  • Simple Design
  • 4.3″, 7″ and 10.2″ wide-screen sizes TFT color LCD
  • Wide variety of communication interfaces
  • 2~3-channel serial communication
  • Ethernet
  • Large memory for drawing (64MB)
  • RTC function (maintained by battery)
  • Convenient downloading/uploading of drawings via USB port in the front
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Higher Level of Performance
About 30% improved CPU performance compare to the old XP Series.

Wider Variety of Communication Interfaces
Communicate simultaneously with PLC, barcode reader, VFD and temperature controller.

Slimmer and Lighter in Weight
20% lighter and slimmer than previous models, which saves more panel space.

USB Programming Port in Front
No need to open the control panel to apply changes to XP-Runtime or download/upload drawing files made in XP-Builder.

3-Channel Serial Communication
Simultaneously communicate via RS-485, RS-232C, RS-422/485
D-Sub 9-pin terminal and RJ45 Ethernet.

RTC Function
RTC (Real Time Clock) function with battery backup.
HMI time setting quickly adjustable from XP-Builder.




XP-Builder Software (397.1MB)XP-Builder Software (397.1MB)

XP-Remote Software (28.1MB)XP-Remote Software (28.1MB)

XP-Manager Software (358.5MB)XP-Manager Software (358.5MB)

eXP Flyer (1.1MB)eXP Flyer (1.1MB)

XGT Panel Catalogue (incl. eXP & iXP) (10.6MB)XGT Panel Catalogue (incl. eXP & iXP) (10.6MB)

eXP HW Manual (3.6MB)eXP HW Manual (3.6MB)


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