Pump Controllers

>Pump Controllers
  • The most advanced Centrifugal Pump Controller in the African market that has a 4.3" multi touch screen.
  • IMP – Electronic Motor Protection Relay  
    • The IMP series of Electronic Motor Protection Relays replaces old legacy thermal overload protection.
    • As a digital motor protection relay it’s highly reliable by implementing real-time data processing at high precision.
    • It protects motors with various functions such as phase loss, phase reverse, unbalanced, stall, lock, ground fault, short circuit protection (depending on the model).
    • It’s simple design and compactness allows it to be combined with other magnetic contactors on the same Din-rail.
    • Wide Range Motors between 0.125~100 Amp on one device
    • Operation time Thermal Inverse / Inverse / Definite
    • Tunnel Type Wiring
    • Output 4-20mA or Modbus
    • Automatic/Manual Reset
    • Control 85~245V AC/DC or 24~36V AC/DC
    • Ground Fault setting between 30mA~25Amp
    • Compatible with Inverter Drives (Immune to harmonic noise)
    • Display of Current (3ph Ampere-Meter)
    • 7-Segment & Bar-Graph Display
    • Event (fault) Logging