Remote locations, long distances, geographical and environmental challenges complicate the management of agricultural and irrigation sites. Having staff available at a site to gather status resource information and manage equipment is increasingly impractical and expensive as deployment size grows.

HmT solutions for agriculture and irrigation make it possible to monitor and control assets and resources that were previously inaccessible.

HmT’s impressive portfolio of sensors combined with our secure, robust wireless networks enable real-time access to information and equipment deployed in remote and distant locations, eliminating the need for site visits and onsite staff. Wirelessly monitor soil moisture, crop temperature, weather station data, and environmental conditions at the site. Remotely actuate valves, pumps and even entire irrigation systems.



Temperature Control

The tank temperature is controlled by the PLC via the temperature sensor and water solenoid valve. The user can enter a required setpoint on the HMI and when the fermentation temperature rises above this setpoint the control solenoid valve will be opened to allow cold water to start flow through the tank side mount jackets. Once the temperature falls below the setpoint the valve will close and fermentation temperature will rise again. This continues process allows the tank to stabilise at setpoint over time.

Circulation Control

The wine can be circulated on interval times setable from the HMI. An interval time, on time and off time is available.

Scraper Control

The scraper can be started from control buttons at the foot of the tank.