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Generator Diesel Supply


HmT Mechatronics as a subcontractor to LGA Electrical automated the process of transferring diesel from a downstairs “storage” tank to the upstairs “header” tanks. The fuel is used for 2x backup generators in the event of power failures at the foreshore Telkom building in the CDB of Cape Town. The project’s main focus was safety and all equipment installed had to be EX rated.

The level in the four tanks (2x “storage” & 2x “head” tanks) had to be monitored at all times while two EX Calpeda centrifugal pumps supplied the generators with fuel. The level probes’ signal was fed through EX rated barriers to the PLC controlling the process. When a low level in any of the four tanks occurs, and/or a low pressure is detected and the pumps must shutdown and start up again once the error conditions has been cleared. Feature such as no-flow, pump failure, pump overload, pump load shedding, running hours and alarm SMS was also incorporated.

Engine Monitoring


The main function of the engine alarm and monitoring system is to give the chief in charge of the engine room the ability to see the realtime status of his V12 diesel engine. As a subcontractor, HmT Mechatronics was responsible for the design and development of the control panel, SCADA and PLC software.

Parameters to be monitored, included exhaust temperatures, factory temperatures as well as oil pressures and temperatures for both the engine and the gearbox. Additionally the pitch angle and fuelrack positions were indicated on the screen. The other very important user requirement for the system was to log all temperatures and pressure into a database on a 5min interval for tracebillity. This allows the supervisor to plug a USB memory stick into one of the panel PC’s USB ports and backup the data that can be viewed in Microsoft Excel at a later stage.