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HmT Mechatronics was subcontracted by Indecx Instrumentation to control two 18.5 kW pumps at Fine Chemicals Corporation. These pumps circulate the water through a purification plant. The original DOL was to be replaced with more modern control equipment and various process values had to be measured and displayed.

Two WEG CFW11 VSD’s were selected for this project. The on-board soft-PLC was utilized for control logic. By detecting the manual valve position on the tank out feed, the pumps can start & stop. The frequency at which the motors run is manually set on the VSD’s HMI. The customer simply starts and stops the system. Process variables such as steam and pressure were measured using Wika instrumentation and displayed on PR Electronics displays for easy viewing on inspection. A 4–20mA output for each was provided for future SCADA integration.