Project Description

HmTmechatronics was contracted by Neptek to implement a control system on a automated packer. Product was coming out of a machine at a level that was uncomfortable and unhealthy to work at. This lead to the need for a packaging machine that would automatically pack the product in bags and at a level that is safe to work at.

With the help of linear actuators, product was moved from one conveyor on to a platform. The platform lifted product to the desired height, from there it was moved on to a second conveyor. The conveyor then fed the product into bags. A first for HmT : One of the requirements was that the system had to have a safety controller. This protected any user from working on the machine while it is in operation. While nothing new to industry these controllers aren’t widely used and after seeing what these can bring to the table in terms of safety, we can definitely recommend that these be implemented in factories.