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Project Description


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Project Description

Temperature control in the fermentation process of wine is critical in producing good quality red wine. In total 22 tanks needed their bottom and top temperature to be monitored and automatically controlled. Also the start and stop of circulation pumps at certain time intervals are very important. The below systems must have also enabled the operator to control the whole cooling system manually and notify the wine maker, via SMS, if any temperature set points could not be achieved within a certain time limit.

The PLC and HMI centralised control systems are taking care of the cooling water solenoids, circulation pumps and routing valves. It controls the wine temperature at a pre-set set point and also circulates the wine on pre-set on/off/interval times after been routed to the correct tanks. This allows the winemaker to spend more time on monitoring the wine manufacturing process, rather than to keep on checking the temperature every 2 hours. Not only does the system regulate the temperature and circulation, but also indicate alarm conditions and sending out an update/alarm SMS on user required intervals. The above system was implemented at Riebeek Cellars in the Boland, where 32 tanks of different capacities where automated.

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