1.  Company Introduction

HmT Mechatronics is a small industrial automation and process control company in South Africa, providing various types of control equipment ranging from advanced Human Machine Interfaces to Programmable Logic Controller and Sensors. The company was established in 2011 as a project house, but has since grown steadily and is now also focusing on product distribution and in-house development.

In addition to our product distribution of good quality products, HmT has the ability and the capacity to consult in almost any control environment. Our director is accessible to our clients on each engagement and are unwavering in our commitment to provide straightforward advice.

We make use of our country wide system integration network to provide end-user solutions with speedy service.

2.  Position Introduction

Our projects team focuses on providing well designed solutions to new and existing customers. This requires an innovative and driven individual which will be responsible for projects from inception till commissioning.

HmT is open to business in any industry but mainly provides solutions in the manufacturing, agricultural and process engineering sectors.

3.  Job Description

3.1. Job Title

Junior Industrial Automation & Process Control Engineer

3.2. Location

Brackenfell Industria, Cape Town, South Africa

3.3. Supervision

Will be supervised by Mr. Stephan Swart, the Project Manager

3.4. Working Conditions

      • Monday to Friday
      • 08:00 – 17:00
      • Must be willing to work overtime

3.5. Summary of Work

The successful candidate will be involved in everyday business activities, such as:

      • sales,
      • procurement;
      • warehouse management;
      • new projects;
      • research and,
      • support to clients.

3.6. Responsibilities

      • Prepare detailed project conceptional designs during the consultation process (proposals etc.)
      • Deliver technical presentations regarding the proposed solutions (MS Powerpoint)
      • Be involved in the sales process by specifying required hardware/technologies
      • Manage the full project cycle using the provided resources (ERP, MS Projects etc.)
      • Detailed electrical CAD
      • Detailed mechanical CAD and manufacturing documentation
      • Perform site inspections where needed
      • Manage the procurement cycle of assigned projects
      • Electrical panel construction
      • Electrical panel QC checks
      • Software development:
        • SCADA, PLC, HMI, VSD, Servo, Industrial Networks
      • Perform on-site installations if required
      • Perform full project commissioning
      • Define project critical spares lists if needed
      • Consult existing customers on any/all project expansions & support
      • Prepare in-house product development designs and manufacturing documentation
      • Setup demo units/software for prospecting customers regarding proposed solutions/technologies
      • In-house product software development
        • C – Agency hardware
        • C# – Visual Studio
      • Manage the workshop and all related equipment
      • Perform product inspections/fault-finding
      • Manage product repair/maintenance cycles

4.  Job Specification

4.1. General


      • be a South African citizen;
      • have a valid driver’s license;
      • have a wide industry knowledge base;
      • have good communication skills and,
      • be well groomed and presentable.

4.2. Education

Equivalent or higher than:

      • BTech: Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Control Systems/ Computer Systems/Industrial Electronics) or;
      • BTech: Mechatronics Engineering or;
      • BEng: Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Computers & Control) or;
      • BEng: Mechatronics Engineering or,
      • BSc (Eng): Electrical and Computer Engineering.

4.3. Experience

      • 2-5 years relevant post-graduate experience

4.4. Personal attributes or skills

      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (Afrikaans & English)
      • Demonstrate aptitude/passion for problem-solving
      • Must be able to work independently and as part of a team
      • Must be neat, punctual and well organized
      • Must be willing to travel (local)
      • Excellent time management skills
      • Always be loyal and adhere to company policies and procedures.
      • Must be highly driven and motivated
      • Must possess continues learning mentality

4.5. Technical attributes or skills

      • Must have an in-depth understanding of higher-level programming languages such as: JAVA, C, C++, C# etc.
      • Must have in-depth understanding of networking infrastructure and topologies, both wired and wireless
      • Must have a good understanding of the communications protocols and topologies used in the industrial control and building sectors
      • Must have an in-depth understanding of all motor starting/control techniques: DOL, Star-Delta, Soft-Starters and VSD’s and how to wire/setup such devices
      • Must have an in-depth understanding of PLC technologies, the specification and the programming thereof (Ladder, ST, FBD, C)
      • Must be able to create vibrant and aesthetic HMI/Visualization screens
      • Must be familiar with the concepts of SCADA and reporting systems
      • Must have in-depth instrumentation knowledge
      • Must understand the general electrical engineering principals in-depth
      • Must be able to edit and/or create mechanical designs using Solidworks
      • Must be able to edit and/or create electrical CAD
      • Must have a good understanding of I.T principals such as: SQL Databases, Ethernet networks, Client/Server, Internet, IoT and Data Management
      • Must have a good understanding of embedded systems (both hardware and software)

Please send your CV to careers@hmtmechatronics.com