Junior R&D Engineer – Western Cape

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Junior R&D Engineer – Western Cape

  1. Job Title

Research & Development Engineer – From 01 February 2018

  1. General Job Description

Our R&D department focuses on utilizing our companies trusted equipment to develop products/solutions with the main aim of commercialising the designs. This requires an individual to be an integral part from concept to product release. Further, the R&D department researches, recommends and tests new equipment and provide a support structure to the technical sales team. Occasionally the R&D department will be involved in end-user project designs and implementation.

  1. Requirements
  • Must have 2-5 years relevant post-graduate experience
  • Must have driver’s license
  • Must be a South African National
  • Must have a wide industry knowledge base
  1. Details of Responsibilities:
  • Solve technical problems related to the companies’ current R&D projects using the equipment on offer
  • Research and propose new solutions/equipment if no solution could be found
  • Play an active role in creating a new conceptional/functional specification for a new product
  • Provide technical support to any/all distributors nationwide as well as to the company’s sales teams
  • Provide technical support to all previously installed customer projects
  • Identify and/or develop new features for current/new products
  1. Personal attributes
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills (Afrikaans & English)
  • Demonstrate aptitude/love for problem-solving
  • Must be able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Must be neat, punctual and well organized
  • Must be willing to travel (local)
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Always be loyal and adhere to company policies and procedures.
  1. Technical attributes
  • Must have an in-depth understanding of higher-level programming languages such as: JAVA, C, C++, C# etc.
  • Must have in-depth understanding of networking infrastructure and topologies, both wired and wireless
  • Must have a good understanding of the communications protocols and topologies used in the industrial control and building sectors
  • Must have an in-depth understanding of all motor starting/control techniques: DOL, Star-Delta, Soft-Starters and VSD’s and how to wire/setup such devices
  • Must have an in-depth understanding of PLC technologies, the specification and the programming thereof
  • Must be able to create vibrant and aesthetic HMI/Visualization screens
  • Must be familiar with the concepts of SCADA systems
  • Must have in-depth instrumentation knowledge base
  • Must understand the general electrical engineering principals in-depth
  • Must be able to edit and/or create mechanical designs using Solidworks
  • Must be able to edit and/or create electrical CAD
  • Must have a good understanding of I.T principals such as: SQL Databases, Ethernet networks, Client/Server, Internet, IoT and Data Management
  • Must have a good understanding of embedded systems (both hardware and software)
  1. Qualifications
  • BTech: Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Control Systems/ Computer Systems)
  • BEng: Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Computers & Control)
  • BSc (Eng): Electrical and Computer Engineering

If you think you are more than capable to fill this position, please send your CV to careers@hmtmechatronics.com


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